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The Conference

The 2nd International Banknote Designers Conference is a dedicated industry event addressing banknote design and its relationship with substrates, printing, security and the cash cycle. The conference agenda and format will provide a dedicated forum for the exchange of information, experiences and ideas concerning banknote design.

The conference is organised by the International Banknote Designers Association (IBDA). It will take place in Stockholm, Sweden from 02 - 05 September 2012 and is limited to professionals active in the domain of banknote design, issuing and forensic evaluation. The three-day event will consist of a series of presentations, panel discussions and workshops. The conference will conclude with an update on threats, trends and opportunities for banknote designers from a global perspective and a series of design workshops organised by IBDA Partners.

The IBDA will present the results of their numerous projects launched to support banknote designers in 2011 and delegates will be presented with an official set of IBDA banknote designer guidelines.

Throughout the conference, delegates will have the opportunity to view futuristic banknote designs from IBDA members as part of the “Banknote of the Future” project. A visit to the famous Swedish Royal Coin Cabinet and Banknote Museum will also be held.

We are proud to announce that Crane Currency is the official 2nd IBDC Partner. On Thursday 06 September all IBDC delegates will have the opportunity to visit the Crane Currency’s integrated banknote paper and printing facility in Tumba, just a few kilometres outside Stockholm. During this visit delegates will have the opportunity to visit the world’s most modern banknote printing facility and take a step-by-step tour of the Crane Currency paper-mill. Workshops will also be held on various aspects of paper, print and feature design.



The 2nd International Banknote Designers Conference 02-06 September 2012, Stockholm, Sweden
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