The Venue

The 5th International Banknote Designer Conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. We are delighted to welcome our delegates to a unique city where old and new are married into a cultural crossroads of aesthetic charm. We trust that you will be inspired what the city has to offer. Lisbon is a perfect venue for banknote designers to meet, exchange ideas and share their experiences in a city that for centuries, has acted as one of the main European cultural and artistic cross roads. Lisbon is an excellent destination for international travellers with direct flights from most international capitals to Lisbon Airport Humberto Delgado (Code LIS) and a range of train options arriving into Santa Apolónia Lisboa train station and two other smaller stations. Transfer from the airport or train station to the 5th IBDC conference hotel can be achieved by taxi for a moderate cost of approximately 12 Euro.

The main conference venue is the Corinthia Hotel Lisbon. This ideal venue is located mid-way between Lisbon International Airport and Lisbon old town allowing direct ac- cess by metro or taxi or even by foot to one of the most interesting areas of Lisbon. Corinthia Lisbon Hotel allows us to stage the conference in a fully contiguous and closed en- vironment where delegates will enjoy privacy and security.

The conference venue will allow you explore the World Banknote Project Designs via a dedicated exhibition area during our evening events and coffee/lunch breaks. You will have the opportunity to talk with the designers in an intimate and informal environment while hearing them tell their personal story on what inspired them to develop their respective World Banknote Project designs.

September is a magnificent time of the year in Lisbon and we will be inviting all 5th IBDC delegates to discover the city and participate in the final evening social event away from the conference venue.

Hotel Accommodation

A special discounted hotel rate of Euro 180 per night has been negotiated at the Corinthia Hotel Lisbon. You will need to reserve your room for a minimum period of 5 nights from 9 to 14 September 2018 or later according to the time you wish to spend in Lisbon. We strongly recommend that you avail of this offer, since being the conference venue, you will save time and money by avoiding transit to and from other hotels in the Lisbon area. You will also benefit from unique views, dedicated conference staff and check-in facilities and a range of other special guest services for 5th IBDC conference delegates.

The hotel address is:

Corinthia Hotel Lisbon
TEL: +351 21 7236363
FAX: +351 21 7236364


You must first register to the IBDC by filling in the registration form. Once your registration is confirmed by the IBDA, you will receive a confirmation notice including the access to the Corinthia special 5th IBDC discount rate.

Travel Details

Lisbon is a true international travel hub with several international airports providing connections throughout the world. Most major European cities will also enjoy direct train links to Paris. You may wish to familiarise yourself with the infamous Lisbon Metro system in advance of your arrival in Lisbon. To ensure your comfort and transfer from the various arrival points in Europe we have prepared the following map to allow you plan your transfer by metro from any of the main international arrival points into Lisbon to the Conference Venue:

5th IBDC Venue – Corinthia

International Airport – International Train Stations

International Airport – Metro Lisbon

To find out more about travelling to and from Lisbon and the city metro and public transports systems, please visit any of the following websites:

Visa Requirements

Some international delegates will need to apply for a visa for direct entry into Portugal in order to attend the conference. Portugal is a participant in the European Shengen Visa Programme. We strongly suggest that you check your visa requirement status and if necessary, apply for a visa well in advance of the event to avoid missing the conference.

You can quickly check your visa requirement status by visiting the Portuguese Government Immigration Services webpage at the following address:

The IBDA can send you a letter of invitation to support your visa application upon request. Please note that visa application and approval can take up to 90 days in some cases and the IBDA cannot intervene in this process.