Conference Programme

The Conference Programme

The 5th IBDC programme has been developed by a team of professionals active in banknote design and new series/upgrade projects. This team understands the challenges, priorities, concerns and opportunities that you are confronted with in your day-to-day work. They have developed a highly relevant and interesting conference agenda with one clear objective: To help designers and those involved in design projects in their day-to-day professional activity.

The highly technical focus of the conference, coupled with a mix of presentations, case studies and workshops will give you a wider perspective on banknote design and strengthen your knowledge and skill-base.

5th IBDC 2018 Conference Programme


→ Download 5th IBDC 2018 Conference Programme PDF

Designer Workshops

In response to your feedback at previous IBDC’s and your request to allow more time for workshops the 5th IBDC will follow an optimised format, offering delegates the opportunity to attend presentation sessions in the morning of the event and Design Workshops in the afternoon. We believe that this format is more balanced and more conducive to learning and sharing knowledge

The Designer Workshops have been developed especially for you to ensure that, as a banknote designer, you are kept up to date on the latest banknote design technologies, substrates, features, techniques and of course, threats and challenges. These workshops will be led by WBP designers and industry experts from the IBDA Partner Network. We will also be inviting other recognised industry leaders to run certain workshops. Participation in Designer Workshops is a great way to learn and get as much value as possible out of your time at the 5th IBDC.