10 Good Reasons to Attend the 5th IBDC

In response to some questions concerning why a banknote designer or a professional active in banknote design projects should attend the conference, we have developed the following 10 Good Reasons to Attend the 5th IBDC:

  1. Be inspired by the vision of the banknote of the Future from our community’s banknote designers
  2. Open your mind and create new perspectives and ways of thinking about banknote design
  3. Stay informed on the latest in design technology developments and processes
  4. Keep up to date on the very latest security features, substrates and integration techniques
  5. Develop a structured approach and process for the creation of a new banknote series
  6. Be aware of the current and future threats to banknotes and demand for alternative payments tools
  7. Enrich your knowledge on specific subjects such as machine readability, perception science, project planning, and design trends and what the future will hold for all
  8. Be aware of the latest counterfeiting trends, threads and challenges to the designer
  9. Develop new skills and practical know-how during highly interactive banknote designer workshops led by industry experts and tech developers
  10. Gather precious reference information, publications and technical issued during the conference
A Small Investment in Time will Deliver a Quantum Return on Investment

The IBDC is the only dedicated event for banknote designers. This unique event has a strong technical focus and the absence of any commercial representation (sales/marketing) facilitates the free exchange of info and experiences. By sharing experiences with your international fellow designers you will widen your contact network and develop a resource pool that can help and support you in design projects. The 5th IBDC is your opportunity to look through the window towards the future of banknote design and appreciate the direction, vision and new perspectives shared by the international banknote designer community. IBDC participants openly declare that their day-to-day design activity has significantly improved following their attendance at previous IBDC’s.