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Paris   4th IBDC 2016
The 4th International Banknote Designers Conference (IBDC) is a dedicated industry event addressing banknote design issues. The conference will take place from 12-15 September 2016 in Paris, France.

The four-day event will consist of a series of presentations, panel discussions and workshops addressing the theme of banknote design and related issues. The specific focus of the 4th IBDC makes it a unique event for professionals active in the domain of banknote design, production and issuing to learn and keep up to date with the latest technologies, challenges, threats and opportunities emerging in this field. The conference format has been developed to provoke and facilitate the exchange of information, perspectives and knowledge and to enrich the learning experience for all delegates through open and direct dialogue with banknote industry experts.

The conference workshop content has been formulated to help you in your day-to-day work and to create value for anyone active in the planning, development or execution phase of an upgrade or new series project.

The conference will address key issues having a direct impact on banknote design projects and aims to stimulate delegates by presenting differing perspectives and approaches on real issues that they are confronted with in their day-to-day design project activity.

Our principal objective is to facilitate the sharing of core information on design-related subjects and to provide designers with a wider scope of information on the relationship between their activity and all other inputs to and outputs from the banknote design process. Ultimately this will enable designers and issuers to make more-informed and objective choices on banknote design, content and project management.

The central theme of the 4th IBDC is;
Perspectives on Design Evolution and Innovation from Around the World

All conference presentations, panel discussions and workshops will have a link to this central theme. Each conference session is concluded with a panel discussion and a questions and answers session enabling delegates to ask specific questions and go deeper into subjects that may be of special interest.


In response to some questions concerning why a banknote designer or a professional active in banknote design projects should attend the conference, we have developed the following 10 Good Reasons to Attend the 4th IBDC:

1. Stay informed on the latest in design technology developments and processes
2. Keep up to date on the very latest security features, substrates and integration techniques
3. Develop a structured approach and process for the creation of a new banknote series
4. Adopt a set of demonstrated best practices when developing a new banknote series
5. Enrich your knowledge on specific subjects such as machine readability, perception science, project planning, and design trends and what the future will hold for all.
6. Be aware of the latest counterfeiting trends, threats and challenges to the designer
7. Gain a broader perspective on banknote design and widen your international contact network with designers, developers and suppliers
8. Develop new skills and practical know-how during highly interactive banknote designer workshops led by industry experts and technology developers
9. Learn how some of the most striking banknotes have been developed via a series of case studies and specimen workshops
10. Gather precious reference information, publications and technical issued during the conference
A Small Investment in Time will Deliver a Quantum Return on Investment

The IBDC is the only dedicated event for banknote designers. This unique event has a strong technical focus and the absence of any commercial representation (sales/marketing) facilitates the free exchange of info and experiences. By sharing experiences with your international fellow designers you will widen your contact network and develop a resource pool that can help and support you in design proj- ects. Designers openly declare that their day-to-day design activity has significantly improved following their attendance at previous IBDC’s.

A dedicated team of conference organisers have been assembled to assist with the necessary travel, accommodation and any other logistical issues before and during the conference.

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